Our Mission
Educational Options
Educational Options provides accurate information regarding intelligence, what it is, where it comes from, and how our family, school, relationship and workplace environments either nurture or stifle its expression; and Educational Options seeks to influence policy that will support its expression.

I became a high intelligence specialist and founded Educational Options in order to turn my knowledge into useful and changed viewpoints and practices.

I do assessments and evaluations for individuals, families, and schools.

I am interested in policy and change as they relate to the reality of human intellectual differences. I believe that if influential stakeholders understood who can take care of themselves and who can’t, we’d see radically different educational, psychological, medical, legal and fiscal policies here and around the world. Providing equal opportunity is very different from using the same treatment or measures to ensure equal outcomes. My writing, speaking and consulting are all designed to help people understand important ways that people vary from each other with differing needs and uniquely individual paths to meaningful lives and emotional fulfillment.

I work to reach as many people as I can with accurate, practical, and useful information about how intellectual profiles, personality, and gender differences all play important roles in how we feel and who we become. I do assessments and evaluations for individuals, families, and schools. My overarching goal is to reach a much broader audience so that much of what I do with individuals—I help them to figure out who they are, where they “fit”, and what might have been wrong with their educational environment now or in the past—becomes less necessary. School is not real life, and it is actually harmful to the self-concepts of most people. Too few people who pass through our schooling systems get what they really need from the process, and the reasons are about viewpoint and expectations rather than lack of money. Untangling what went wrong with individual experiences currently takes most of my professional time. Too few professionals in the fields of education, medicine, psychology, or policy are aware of individual intellectual differences, and this lack of awareness complicates the selection of appropriate policies to help individuals and to build a healthier society.

My purpose is to make the truth palatable and understandable so that others—people in positions of power and influence—will make the changes that we all need. Right now, it is mostly parents who seek me out for help when their bright children do not flourish in our schools. Too many bright children lose their passion for learning and learn to underachieve during their school years. My professional process is geared toward teaching those who come to me about how the educational process is set up, how it affected them during their own school years, and how it will affect their children—unless they personally make changes for their children.